OUR CATEGORY : Piotr Pawlowski

Banff Fluff

This poem is dedicated to Roy Reif. Greetings from beef & ski Where well-heeled hunters strut shoulder to flake with monocled snowmen who own sham aboriginal kitsch boutiques where leather and fox fur lay limp over whale bone & the polished elk antlers of excess Canadiana come through the bright lights & cruelly crocheted crags […]

Sunset w/ Hunter & his Hell’s Angels

Sitting in a worn outFold out camp seatReading H.S.T.’s Hell’s AngelsSipping on brandy-orangeLast of the day’s sun withering on my face& on my cucumbersThey have spots & many of the leafs have wiltedPerhaps diseased & dyingI chew on this a while,Drink to the bounty they’ve given meNod my head back into the bookWhere I find […]