OUR CATEGORY : Richard C. Gorecki

Delta Dreaming

for Frank Ladiseur Dimmed lights and evening stillnesssettle me on warm hardwoods, each board so uniformly cut and fittedyet containing an intricate story written in swirling fibres rippled forms that carry into the memory of a river’s destiny my last days on the lower Athabasca. You were woveninto the living fabricof torpid marsh and restless […]

Balkan Ghosts

golden light of early morning filtered by lace curtains illuminates our tattered packs and draws me out of a frayed dream into the pulse of village life clatter of a horse-drawn wagon beneath the open window a sound so foreign yet deeply comforting like an immigrant mother’s song the hope of ancient ways eternal breakfast […]

Spring Assurance

Can you remember those coastal Februaries in apple blossom, when snow in the city was a broken promise, its absence a longing for the Rockies’ lee side? Back here the spring angel saves her first touch for April– tender green tips ignited while impassioned whites and pinks withhold their parade for May’s embrace. Always late […]