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Saddledome 2: After the Flood

Even more, it looks like the Ark, this time after the Flood has come and done God’s work, hull full of water, all the animals gone, and I feel more for Noah this time round, getting drunk every night since dry land, with the dim thought not forming but being revealed in that massive and […]


It looks like the Ark. And that makes sense — the game is also a species that needs two sides to survive. If Genesis had been set in the sunny badlands of Alberta, there it would be on the ocean of God’s disappointment: the Big Boat, a sheet of ice in its belly, and a […]

More Sex, More Nature – a poem for Lisa on our 19th Anniversary

Today on our balcony, we were talking about the poem. More sex, more nature, you say. Let me in. In the garden below us, the sunflower stalks stiffen their seedy heads. I am greedy for the mouths of poetry and words spoken in ways they have never been spoken before. I want to learn the […]