OUR CATEGORY : Richard L. Provencher

The Old Family Farm

is forgotten among the pasture where November winds are colder than a whisper of icicles. This home of fallen timbers weather-ravaged a sanctuary for mice, other creatures sky peeking through apple trees pussy willows alongside a muddy bank an album of memories a reminisce. Our childhood swam in that creek. We chased cows fed pigs […]

Odds ‘n Suds

It’s 2 am and the bars are closing. Too many voices on the streets of Jasper, sleep undone. From my Athabasca Hotel window I see beer-movements along Prince Street taxis humming in their quest for fares, some drinkers preferring to stagger homeward. “LF? You know somethin’?” someone shouts. “You’re ugly too,” an added bonus. Conversations […]