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Leddy Headbutter

Leddy Headbutter — named after his colour and head-butting habit: I’ve finished cruising. Wake up. You can pet me, feed me now. a gray stray who cried for days before we found him trapped by a wasp nest under the back yard driveway now strides across his yard marble grey with bright slit green eyes […]

Harvest Moon Triptych

harvest moon — menopause hot flashes: my wife moons me! * harvest moon — no steelies, no tombollies, no bull fudging! * harvest moon — God’s best tombolly left in the circle *** (All free and clear.) *** ~ Richard Stevenson Poet’s note: The second two are variants on the kids’ marble game theme — […]

Hyper Howie

Howie’s hyped up on caffeine and nicotine, claims he doesn’t need more than three hours sleep. Not ever. And if that isn’t weird enough, the slightest noise sounds off some internal alarm and he’s on his feet, dukes up, in his B.V.D.s. But get the man in a set of cork boots, stuff a cheap […]

Weedwhacker and Finch

Weedwhacker and Finch — could be a legal firm, but, no, it’s my retired neighbour storming the gates again. As barbarians go, he’s o.k., doesn’t grumble or pay too much attention to the news, but still plays with a full deck. He pays his taxes or has done long enough to not want the place […]


Crawling into cracks of the old garden timbers, the bees carry rolled up leaves. Blueprints for a nest or apian wallpaper? The plans are still green ~ Richard Stevenson Richard Stevenson teaches English and Creative Writing at Lethbridge College. Recent books include Parrot With Tourette’s (Black Moss, Palm Poets Series, 2006), Bye Bye Blackbird (Ekstasis […]