Headlights search a dark December snow. The road threads out moments those coveted lines, where forecasts and open palms reveal nothing; and I slip back, turn off the light, hear the same old song again; the same quarter notes punctuating the still air, waiting for a pause or a rest. And I remember you, wrapped […]

I am five years old

a paper thin streak, blue above yellow, stretches the horizon of my whole life; there are no limits, yet, to punctuate the parallax of boredom where black sedans cough out rumble strips along the broken tar sand and gravel streets, and church congregations sing psalms to Cretaceous gods buried eons ago; there is nothing but […]

The Man and the Moon

O Moon! I barely made an impact on you. Your pearl dress hung with dust silica smooth hardly quivered to touch. Cold skin barely trembled or shook though you grumbled, once or twice with fracturing precision from the cold seismic rumbles that flared from your lips. Breathed out words misshapen as hymns, nicked out chambers […]

Atheist (a Psalm)

Ode to the Higgs-Boson Discovery, maybe Did we hear your breath in a statistic, A voice within a magnetic pulse A faint arrhythmia split from an electron’s decay, From the exhaled particles of an iron lung, That wheezing calliope Puffing out carnival tunes for the higher minds? Faithless, I have my doubts — For the […]

Urashima and the Tortoise

Tangled in the cords of a silvery net a fisherman heaved up a tortoise one day from out of the sapphire waves. He tossed his good fortune into the back of his boat; but the tortoise was a princess who took him away to live in a land far across the sea. Patriarch of a […]