Under Saint Werburgh’s spired-gaze not far from the rolling Chattenden fields where prostrate Saxon kings lie impotent, they buried the young girl alone far from God’s searching eyes, outside the hallow churchyard walls where her severed head could never see the Coming of the Christian god. Last week, they reburied her brown bones beside the […]

At Edge of the Bow Glacier

In youth, identity seems as certain as spring or new paths blazed red beneath Mercurial feet or muddy troughs cut between pews of wheat their long stalks bent over in prayer or as warm pavement black as basalt winding up through the stone and light of obsidian towers and blue mountain passes. Guided not by […]


Some thoughts are dangerous as June bears and berries, awakening from a long slumber; while the plump red fruit hang low from the bush, and lure the eye with promise, those are the same ones bear cubs cut their teeth on. Best to skirt the dark edge, avoid the sweet ones altogether so as not […]


drowning is overrated. slipping in waist-deep ink on a page, sad refrains grinding bones to white crystal sands bobbing a moment, surfacing then sliding under tugged by the fast current to lose myself in a poem. what could be more simple? the brine taste of scallops scoured words from my tongue and left no more […]

Spring Cleaning

Pigeons skim over the mall, then scatter, break like a rolling surf over the crowds below, hawking in dry wind slipping down from the mountains, swarming up to nest in the stone and glass façade – a flock of St. Germain gargoyles grinning at ghosts; it is Spring, and hopeful light chases away shadows, the […]