Bellfyflop Competition, Shangri-La Hotel

Here there is red tile, a blue pane of water and fat tight around their necks, wrists, ankles, loose around their stomachs. They line up and wait, we wait, the pane of water waits for this unsanctioned championship – no prize money, no pictures in the local paper. I will only remember what happened here […]

Field Notes: Kakum National Park

I write: green on green attempting sky but that is laziness or recklessness or worse. This is brown of peeling bark, skittering black legs, silver shine of abdomen. This is curled grey fern, beige talon, orange flash of throat. This is fading sun and rising song. This is light play on tree trunks and rainwater […]

pen pal

i met him in his home town (one of those generic chinese industrial towns where they make plastic army men and fake dog vomit and drink whatever petro-chemicals they don’t inhale) he was half my age and height but he had a ball and was enamored by the notion of seeing a white man jump […]

if your love were a potato

i would tug on my work boots every evening and go out, and when i’d find it i would reach into the soil, bite my grip around it tight, and pull it out, roots bursting like firecrackers. i would carry it in the bowl of my hands to the farmhouse and rinse it in the […]