7 arguments for staying

Stay, for back home the open mouth and open arms are wounds and ever wind round the spool; Stay, more is your adventure here, flowers yet will bloom, that fist pump, first jump of possibility peaking through, like morning fog that feathers itself across the horizon and you, with boots on hiking through, stay. ~ […]

How boys grow up

“Use every man after his desert, and who should ‘scape whipping?” (Hamlet, II.ii) I gather his cleats, and shin guards, and soccer socks and toss them in the back in a rush on the way out, only just remembering to close the garage door. He has forgotten to call so dinner is two granola bars […]

Holding my breath

O I willingly stake all for you ~Whitman I am counting sunsets and numbering the hours of sleep love has gone utterly off and the way back in is lost. Silent, I hope for occasional confirmation that I can keep hope alive. If only she would poke her head out from under the covers and […]

Biking to the library with my daughter

The ordinary can be like medicine ~ Alexie When she pedals on, the sun glints off her reflectors, calling back to push me forward. Her hair falling from a wild place, she leans further back to show me a new trick, a faint smear of peanut butter tells her age, just play. I move my […]

On Leaving Calgary, June 2007

I’m leaving a bit wound up kinda groggy from Cowboys cheering and hooting. Here, there is always something big brewing close on the heels of something even bigger. Seems everyone is on the home stretch, hand over fist to riches or fame, a living national treasure, just like the movies. Strenuous hours afford the still […]