OUR CATEGORY : Sonia Saikaley

Best Fortune

Dusk colours the uneven stairs. I stand on the wooden steps and look around, the distant sea hidden behind ancient, towering trees. I imagine waves moving fishermen’s boats, the smell of salmon and tuna wrapped in seaweed. Sushi restaurants abound on the winding streets of this port town, tiny gems behind indigo curtains. Now I […]

Midnight Baths

An indigo sky pours moonbeams over my naked body. I soak in midnight baths, avoid curious stares at my full breasts, my desert dune hips, my olive skin. The Mediterranean Sea in my bones ripples as an unexpected body sinks in the hot spring. I glance at the folded skin. Gomen nasai, a woman’s voice […]

The Island School

The sea moved in waves small and large walking along a winding path I passed a woman grooves engraved in her skin a scarf grazing her wrinkled forehead She stopped her work the smoke from the bonfire clouding her way but she still smiled and bowed Ohayo gozaimasu Ohayo gozaimasu We exchanged on a route, […]

Foreigner’s Etiquette

Silhouettes of olive branches darken the pale walls in a tavern along the mountain she sits with a glass of arak, liquor, water, ice cubes mixed together the only customer in this village restaurant A belly dancer shakes her hips at the woman, colourful beads sway around her waist; the dancer drops a veil down […]