OUR CATEGORY : Stephanie Werner


Life upturned. Stuffed into boxes labelled LIVING ROOM in unfamiliar upper case someone else’s hands wrap all the artefacts of my previous self in printless paper. Box contents reveal odd juxtapositions – a ball of paper blooms into: a key, a rusty screw, a paperclip, and 2 dead AA coppertops. We explore our new return […]

Diversified Bus Stop

They arrive like ghosts in the early-morning darkness a line of shadows stretches the length of the sidewalk from the corner to my driveway. Their faces are invisible behind toques, hoods, and scarves clouded by fogs of their breath either from the cold or from the cigarettes that collect themselves on my lawn like seeds, […]

Environmental Impact

Both my children were bornin this working man’s townthe dead end of a seemingly endless roadthrough fir trees, some reduced to blackened stickswhere people are constantly arriving and departingI wonder about the environmental impact –If you took a sample of my daughters’ bloodwould it be thick, sticky black like tar sand?If you x-rayed their lungs, […]