OUR CATEGORY : Susan Ioannou

When We Were Young

Kite limp at our feet, we lay in the long cool grass and listened to trees breathe. A caterpillar, a ladybug, wriggled up over scraped knuckles or tickled smudged fingertips. A butterfly flickered past and even without a breeze, it was enough, enough. ~ Susan Ioannou Susan Ioannou is a Canadian essayist, children’s writer, and […]

As the Days Grow Shorter

Bending lower, we fondle chipped bowls and stained spoons. Contentment is imperfect, truth a cracked glass. Open the cupboards, out tumble yellowing memories. Does order begin with chaos? Can we believe a little silver polish will rub the ache from long days or must we cling to sticky rings for fear of being erased? ~ […]