OUR CATEGORY : Suzanne Harris

Travelling Alone

Dark corner, two a.m. Seaside villages in Greece don’t need street lamps. On the shore, throbbing lights from discos provide illumination for tourists. But we are not on the shore, rather in some alley, backed against a whitewashed wall my filmy white skirt the only barrier against your insistent pressing. Our light/dark skin slick with […]

Athens, 1987

A well-worn backpacker from France opens his guitar case on an Athen’s street serenades me with Beatles songs, the only English tunes he knows. I sit through them all, despite his heat-roiling body odour. After this many weeks here, I am so lonely for something of home. ~ Suzanne Harris Suzanne Harris is a writer, […]

Cyprus, 1987

He is in his seventies, the Greek man who insists on climbing a fig tree as nimbly as his goat negotiates the rocks, like some crazy teenager in love to fetch ripe fruit for me. We eat together in the churchyard he teaches me the words for earth, tree, joy, God. ~ Suzanne Harris Suzanne […]