Roses at the Grave of Summer

Acknowledged or not, the Afghan conflict became part of the background of daily life. Although mostly unspoken, the omnipresence of war mirrors how in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern BC where I live, the turn of the seasons and the work that changes with seasons is all-pervasive…” The mountain stream, year after year, washes soil […]

Dirty Snow

Congratulations to Tom Wayman on the publication of his 18th collection of poems Dirty Snow (Harbour Press, 2012). For the next three days we feel very privileged to share poems from Tom’s latest book with our readers. From the book jacket: “Tom Wayman unflinchingly considers the impact of the Afghan War: its absence and presence […]


“The amount of a tire actually in contact with the road means you only have a palm-sized point of control.” – Motoring safety article No wonder traversing the same asphalt to town and backduring twenty yearshas felt for me like a handgliding atop a familiar surfacethat dips and tosseswith the pitch and yaw of the […]


Accelerating past a snowbound fencewith dark lumps of cattle in the field beyondmunching hay strewn for them,I flash by a ploughed driveway, evergreen forestbehind the house, where from the chimney liftsa plume of smoke as the candied scentof burning stove wood fills the truck’s cabfor a second or two like a pang of how muchI […]

The Summer has Flared

and dimmed: bracken now yellow and brown, hazel leaves mainly dusty gold, speckles of that color also visible in the green plumes of birch, poplar, cottonwood. A late September silence has permeated the valley this afternoon. Down the lane that skirts the base of the ridge between my house and the highway, two For Sale […]