OUR CATEGORY : Trevor Abes


The realization has to be clumsy Because it’s not our fault: I have been dead long enough. She drips metastasis Like Tom Petty trills; The willing cog To my desire to be damaged. Her sinuous lure is music lore, Sublime beyond synecdoche. Left-rightness is a sharable quality. I do not want to depend, But transcend, […]

Echoing Rose

Brown sugar speech acts Are the enchantress’ weapon Enabled by soup can waves And hot sauce history Her apparent preference For sheet metal thin Boy band references Is but a sly homage To an echoing rose In the name of the hungry Which proves that Despite indulging in superficiality She cannot avoid being literary Through […]


My muse has her cheeks pierced, And her shoe laces loose, But carefully placed, as to avoid A sudden fall. And around her perforations are perfect circles of pink make believe covering what I rightly suppose to be skin of an unworldly softness. And how I wither, submissive To an artificial rhythm unworthy Of her […]