OUR CATEGORY : Vincent MacIsaac


I can remember when you went off to school and there was nothing for me to do for a whole day but stand on a chair by the kitchen window watching for your return from that miles away curve with your lunch box swinging and always knowing what to do. ~ Vincent MacIsaac Vincent MacIsaac […]

The Indelible Route

You never asked why, or how I found your village despite not knowing its name or the alarming language I heard while walking towards you. It was the map you drew, years before, in that rented room off Lang Suan You had arrived on an overnight bus doubtful as Bangkok morning sky till your fingers […]

Broken Buddha

The Lonely Planet said the roads would be “good.” That just meant they were paved. The crossing, too, much longer than expected: back and forth across the drying rivers, round quarried mountains, through stricken forests – the splintered stumps, the severed brush, the manic birds in plaintive swoops – and so many futile stretches of […]