OUR CATEGORY : Vivian Demuth

Home with Wolves

– written at Nose Mountain Fire Lookout I was a wolf once, on one September day of thousands. Two wolves were waiting on the mountain road. I howled, badly, inviting them to my lookout cabin like a wistful sister should. Four of their relatives heard, jumped out of the bush and joined the party like […]


–for Anna Politkovskaya What fades? Evergreens, survivors of chain-linked generations of logging, now a cemetery of vertical bones with marrow devoured by defrosted mobs of mountain beetles. Dry pine trees, fragile, faded red like splattered blood of hunted journalists marked in blinding daylight of corruption and wars. The paper dollar skin of a million carved […]

Live Earth

The concert goers gather where the earth is slanted sheltered from city lights Where the land still grows verdant wordsNot slick pavement and glowing machines who fear and suffocate poemsThe wandering moon fills their refugee mouthsThe homeless wind sprinkles a rouge of cosmic dust on their skins to magnetize their memoriesAn orphaned grizzly cub taps […]

In the Middle of the Watershed

I sit on a rogue boulder high in alpine fields reading Gary Snyder. My mind in the Rocky mountains, I watch blue glaciers blanketed with toxaphene running away from the heat. I reflect on the silvery river below mirror of change, I turn to north, my eye to swollen river sea mouth where floating whales […]