OUR CATEGORY : Weyman Chan

Some local variations on Water Music

1. Towards each face the sleeping rivers return. For three nights and two days the ebb and flow playground along Elbow and Bow succeeded our guesses. Oh-oh, someone forgot to open the floodgates in Sunnyside. Mudwaters churn around teddy bear and baby grand feet alike. Followed by another river, of sump pumpers, squeegeers, vans with […]

Rodeo Love

A century of rodeo—and love, Plenty-of-fish and park-bench love, latrines-on-14th love and e-Harmony love, fresh-figs-on-provolone style love— and hard-to-find is easiest for chumps. And rodeo love, on the night of the 100th year of Stampede is about as nervous as Nosferatu at a blood bank quilting drive. The white-hatted streets are thick with slick wannabe […]

Letting Out String

I was eight years old and bored, floating inside myself. Ages ago, when I was four, at the foster home in Airdrie, I tumbled off the back of a bicycle Katie was doubling me on. I remember it so well, the soft bounce on freshly rained grass, and me rolling like a sac of potatoes […]

Non-confidence Vote

there’s Writing On Stone semes shift shield deliverancewater curved horse back single count of a stavethe wind is breath eyes rockslow carve of elk antler andpalms out distance every yearbegins to rhyme but the flight data to goldenrod and wild caragana is scattered even jaded margins found on islandsso history teaches us that villages get […]

Chimeras (after Nag Hammadi)

Son of the ineffable silence, let this be the one true space Where answers do not need answering. Where the male-female Drinks freely above the palms, and where light and dark do not gather Mind. You are pre-existent, un-begotten. You wear the clear garment of insight. Your truth shall not undo Sign from shadow, nor […]