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Away From Crowd

Talking palely, careful of life away from crowd, that is the way. You may say it’s not the best but crowd is delicate. Crowd is where people fall, crowd creates a rigid path leading to drugs, alcohol and abuse. Crowd is not where you want to be. Away from crowd leads you to JUSTICE! Do […]

Langevin Bridge

~ Kelsey Hipkin Kelsey Hipkin is a journalist and photographer working in Calgary. Kelsey will be taking her love of writing and photography across the world for the Humanity Unscripted project in September 2013, in which she’ll join three of her closest friends telling the stories of people they chance upon in India and Southeast […]


~ Tracy Le Tracy Le I like to draw. I am 11 years old and in Grade 7. I like being creative and coming up with ideas. I like the colour pink. I really like cookies and cakes.


~ Tina Martel Tina Martel is a mixed media artist who works with hand made papers, photographs, thread, gold, silver and copper leaf, medium and acrylic paint. The pieces, depending on which body of work, can be seen and experienced in terms of painting, books, installation and video. She views her work as both reflections […]

Lines Written on a Map of Calgary

On the corner of Crowchild and Fifth she buys the coordinates to this city: pink subdivisions, mint green parks flattened and folded to hide the sprawl. At the intersection of Centre Street and the Bow, quadrants encroach into prairie, soon to absorb Cochrane, Canmore, Banff, Brooks, Edmonton, Vancouver, St. John’s, London, Istanbul, Venice, Venus. But […]