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Writing the Land a Calgary Bestseller

A little bit of bragging, that I can’t resist: Dymphny and I continue to be amazed at the attention this project has been getting. In addition to being featured on CBC Radio’s Daybreak Alberta earlier this month, Writing the Land appears on the Calgary Herald’s Calgary Bestsellers list this week. Poems from Writing the Land […]

Alberta through its poets

For the past six weeks, blue skies poetry has featured work by a different Alberta poet each day, as we explored the theme “Writing the Land.” Collected in celebration of the theme chosen for the 2007 Conference and AGM of the Writers Guild of Alberta, these poems have explored the keen interest writers have in […]

Connect the Dots

the sky is so big in this place it can fill the space between father and son the land is a firmament under it highways in straight lines connect dots stars on the landscape we come from a place where the lines on the land are not straight where the map doesn’t always tell us […]

The Last Days of Mrs. Allen

for Brian Wilson and family in Red Deer Over many days in the Summer of 1971, you are visiting the oldest patient in her room in the geriatrics ward of an Edmonton Alberta hospital. “How old are you?” “Oh, one hundred. Or so.” “When were you born?” “On the 22nd of June.” “What year?” “I […]

An Anthem

I will thunder the drum of stampeding buffalo. I will cry with the crashing scorched bones in the sun I will ride the train whistle over ripe prairie grain fields, over land yet untouched by the hand on the plow I will raise my glass to monuments of loneliness of sacrifice of hopes to broken […]