OUR CATEGORY : Writing the Land


I run barefoot in spring not because of need but because of desire splash in roadside puddles, feel mud ooze up through toes Feet feeling winter retreat deep into the earth, hiding, regrouping. My feet drum the mating call of spring. I run barefoot in summer run barefoot until calluses no longer wince at each […]

To Have the Truth Seen and Recognized

sideways six hours from noon this light this late fall sunset lasts half the day to the careless eye everything is brown but smaller spectrums catch the sun pushing through thickening air in tricks of gold, amber, copper in the city we don’t notice the sun all light is street light interstitial and weak mountains […]


the desert makes me lonely but not in a thirsty way pictures of earth from space are lonely round blue skinned so thin with cloud and air water echoes here in the gully and undulation even lizard flows a small river over sand great seas have been and gone hear the quiet receding the slow […]

a prayer to peace

come join me in my pagan, pantheistic rituals we shall worship mother earth in all her glory and dance naked under the full moon we will drink fully of this earthly existence as if this here were of utmost importance as if we could actually experience heaven on earth and walk in god’s glory along […]

Power of the Land

Last time I was home I borrowed your boots and took a stroll Past the spring down to the river where I watched the waters roll Then it was back up the hill, across the field and past the stock I savoured all the sights and sounds and smells while on my walk… And remembering […]