Friday’s Walk

It is dusk,
I am alone walking past trash,
poor, cracked driveways,
the smell of jasmine in the air.

A stark lawn…bare brick porch
one metal chair.

A brittle man waves;
his eyes gleam.
In his life,
he has weighed rubies,
bitten earth,
his skin dark leather,
he has been tortured,
pissed on.

He has been loved,
and buried his bride,
kissed the lifeless
limbs of his sons,
shaved his daughter’s head
in shame.

He has bowed down,
and raised a rifle,
paced gardens,
wept stolen tears,
wailed like a dog,
was held in honour.

And now,
he waits each night,
every breath carries him
to darkness.
His nod is humble,
as I wave back.

~ Ellie Csepregi

Ellie Csepregi has been published in anthologies and journals including Rampike, The Windsor Review, and Ash Magazine (Oxford). She teaches high school English and Creative Writing.

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2 Responses to “Friday’s Walk”

  1. Ellie Csepregi is a talented, intuitive poet. Friday’s Walk depicts
    a seemingly ordinary event that reveals an extraordinary individual,
    who invites recognition with a humble nod. It is indeed the task of
    the poet to “transform” seemingly unimportant details of daily
    existence , and Ellie is very successful here!

    Mary Ann Mulhern

  2. Hi, Ellie

    I love your poetry.

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