OUR CATEGORY : Carol L. MacKay

Selling the Family Farm

The hole in my father’s field. appeared overnight in the fallow field where the sign post entered hard-packed ground. From the highway side of the fence I see weathervane falling, disoriented, all wind into the widening gap. Not one word. The trailer tips over onto its shortest side, funnelled into a sooty end. Not one […]

Saturday, Waiting Outside the Recording Studio Barn

(Ryley, Alberta) The trees lay a backing track against a lead shot sky; just a slight buzzing, like breath blown through the teeth of a comb and the periodic cracking of puddle ice. There are mole songs, humming, running beneath the receding snow, this year unnerving. Quieter. The fire in our exhaust speeds the lazy […]

Scandinavian Picnic at Markerville

The idle burnish of an ancient cowbell grows courage on a barn nail. The sun, bright as an Icelandic night, sends a satisfied gleam across the buckboard-wide table crowded by near empty silver-capped jars: Gran’s jaw-shrinking dills and vegetable marrow, prunes in sweet profusion, placed around bowls empty of slaw and chicken. We set out, […]